Re-load messages after receiving autocrypt or importing keys

Hi, I’ve had this experience a few times already, moving between devices. I connect to my account from a new device and receive only the unencrypted messages. Then I send the autocrypt setup from my previous device, and receive it on the new. I cannot see the old encrypted messages, though, only new ones.

It would be great to have a button somewhere to reload the entire history of the account, essentially, clear the cache and start reading IMAP from start. This feature should also be offered as an option after importing keys or receiving autocrypt setup message.

Thanks a lot, folks

Hi, you can use the backup.
Settings > chat and media > back up chats […].
Than import this file in the “welcome” screen.

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Hi Federico, do you mean to back it up on one device, then transfer the backup file and import it on the new device? I guess this would solve the problem, but isn’t it tedious? Especially knowing that the data is already there in the IMAP folders, just not read correctly. I’d still prefer the proposed feature, but thanks for your support.

Yes, this is the recommended method as there is no risk of data loss. For example, there is an option to automatically delete messages from the server at regular intervals so, if enabled, the history could not be recovered except through backup.

However I believe that if you move the messages from the imap folder and then put them back in their place in the deltachat folder you should be able to see them.


As they have already advised you, the method still recommended is the back-up. In the not too distant future, it will no longer be necessary. That’s the way it is for now

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