Read Messages arent automatically moved to DeltaChat folder on server

As written in the subject, read messsages are not automatically moved to the DeltaChat folder on the server. Just a few messages are moved to DeltaChat folder. Most messages arent moved correctly. They stay in place in the inbox folder. I am using as email service. Everything worked fine. This error appeared several months in the past. DeltaChat is configured as installed. Nothing is changed, besides notifications.

on slow networks if there are a connection error, the messages are not moved after the connection is restablished.

other messages that were not moved was self messages but I think this is fixed for the next release

I am on wifi connection over 5GHz and 200MBit/s. The error remains.
I also tried reinstalling. It didnt help.

After trying several things I gave up an defined a rule for a filter inside my email service. Now every message with a certain text in the body will be moved to the folder “DeltaChat”. Not very conveniant for the average user.

Happy to hear you solved your problem, sadly my server don’t even have the filters feature :frowning:

I also have this problem. Some info:

  • provider: GMX
  • quite fast network
  • my idea: it might be that especially encrypted messages aren’t automatically moved
  • this didn’t happen in earlier versions of DC IIRC

AFAIR it was always like that (at least since 0.20), for some reason DC won’t move emails from INBOX, DC copied incoming emails to dedicated “DeltaChat” folder instead of moving…

Personally I tired to fight with this and created dedicated for DC email, but it actually really bother users, who using the same account for plain, non encrypted emails and DC messages.