Read receipts by contact setting

Read receipts should be a setting for each contact\chat.

There are some conversations i want to have but still be able to deny looking\reading the message for hours or days. Usually depending on the contract.
The setting should not be global.


Unethical communicator.

Let’s not encourage bad behavior with features

as much as i agree with this feeling (and i couldn’t agree more) my sentiment here is this might be a good layer of privacy - at least for my definition of privacy there.

on top of it, i couldn’t care less for either way of this feature. read receipts are fun, not a necessity.

There is a huge difference between needing a read receipt when communicating important information with one contact and the not wanting a read receipt when a friend takes it personally when you just don’t want to acknowledge their plea to go out and party.
A universal communicater needs the flexibility to allow secure communication with everyone. And the priority of all contacts, vital or frivolous.

I would like read receipts and encryption to be “per contact” I have some contacts I would like read receipts and encryption, ex. with my family, but I don’t want other contacts I don’t trust to know if I read their messages or to encrypt in public groups (using bots) etc.