Read receipts stopped working after changing email accounts

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

I get double-checkmarks on outgoing messages indicating message was delivered.

Actual behavior

Single checkmarks only on sent messages.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Change email accounts.
Send messages to existing DeltaChat contacts

Screen snapshots


Debug logs

Need some tips on how to scrub PII before posting pls

Hello :wave:,
are read receipts still activated in settings for you and your recipients?

Yes they are.

Nothing has changed in respective parties setup except for my email address and password under Settings => Password and Account.

Another thing I just observed, this is not happening with every contact, say 80% of them.

Maybe they have to accept a new contact request on their end first?

It appears the issue is that my contacts where read receipts are not appearing, have not yet accepted the new contact request for my new email address.

It may be a bit surprising that read receipts are not sent for already read messages even after accepting the contact request. Could be interesting to check how other messengers solve this problem.

I think this problem will go away if all my contacts are verified should I need to switch email accounts again. Will update this thread with the results.