Read receipts technical questions

Hello :wave:,
I was recently thinking about whether read receipts could be merged together and used to transfer profile pictures.
Assuming a user opens DC and sees four new messages from a contact, then 4 read receipts would be sent. Shouldn’t it be possible to just send one that contains all the information? If the user had previously changed the profile picture, couldn’t that be transferred at the same time?
On the one hand, the number of emails sent would be reduced and, on the other hand, profile pictures would be updated more quickly.
I’m not sure if there are technical reasons against it, so I didn’t write a feature proposal. Does anyone know more about this topic?

This is already how it works, read receipts are merged together.
In this case read receipt has a line starting with Additional-Message-IDs: that confirms a list of messages sent by the same author.


Thx for the info. :+1: