Receiving of Maillists (Newsletter) feature [Musing/discussion/feedforwards]

Valued Team, developer, user,

my person though to give it a topic as it seems to be soon standard feature on DC to receive no-replay mails/newsletter (still thinking calling it different as maillist would be good).
Already to test in nightly versions (here some talk on it) some additional thoughts on it:

  • Delete or disappear: Since newsletter are usually not something one considers to save a long time, maybe there would be a possibility (if not even general for charts) to set a delete time or easier deleting chats manual as a whole.

  • Special replay: since certain kinds of such mails, like notifications of the forum here, would actually allow to post, send… as an act of replay, maybe such can be easy, if wished, implemented.

Again, no personal demands or wishes, but simply giving some space for maybe good “feed-forward”.