Relation to MiniApps

Exciting to see this proposal and the potential for using web technologies for some interaction built on top of a messaging environment.

In some ways, this sounds similar to MiniApps, a class of web-based service that has growing popularity especially in China. Has anyone compared the relevant capabilities and distribution mechanisms?

Would there be an interest in standardizing this tech so that it could be implement in messaging outside of just Delta Chat? That process might also be a time to consider the security and privacy implications, and to see where we can re-use technologies that exist for packaging and securing web content that isn’t transmitted through live browser navigations.

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hello @npdoty - first of all, welcome aboard!

and thanks for the interesting pointer to MiniApps, we discussed that internally a bit:

  • indeed, Webxdc apps seem to have a strong relation to “mini apps” - but “no tracking” is not a goal at all for MiniApps, so that’s a key difference
  • also, MiniApps are served and reviewed by the super app, both are not the case for Webxdc apps

nb: there is also a paper for standardization at MiniApp Standardization White Paper version 2

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