Remade message details and show them in a friendly matter for non-technical users

Currently when one tries to see message details, it is filled with a lot of technical information which might be hard for non-tech users to understand something from it.
I suggest remaking this dialogue and show current dialogue in advanced info.

What are your suggestions for improving it? Could you elaborate on that point?

I think a dialogue with a list of members which have read the post with the time they have read under their name and on the left, their avatar. On the top of the dialogue, there is a small text “Encrypted:” and next to it from right there is a small padlock picture if the message is encrypted and if not, the same padlock but with a line on it.

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message attachment file size is also important to me when I look at message info

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99% of the time when I open the message-details dialog is to see attachment size, and then it is in bytes, would be nice a more human number :slight_smile:


Okay so I think we have an agreement on this?

A dialogue with a friendly list of people who have read the message, encryption status and attachment size in human readable format.

Agreement, yes; time to implement it, maybe, but probably not right now.

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/me reverted the solution state, we normally only do that when we implemented the feature or for questions if the questions are answered.

Also I have more info to add:

A first step would be to add a jsonrpc call to get the message info as json, so we can display the properties better. link2xt made already a core issue for this: Add JSON-RPC call to return JSON message info · Issue #4556 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

Then I recently had some confusion with thunderbird interop, where thunderbird send an encrypted, but not signed message to deltachat. The padlock icon was not shown, because we only show it if a message is encrypted AND verified.
I think for this case if makes sense to state in the message info that the message was encrypted but not signed and show a link to the FAQ that explains it in detail and maybe even a small guide how to troubleshoot it in thunderbird.

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I made a pr to add the jsonrpc call to get message info as json: api(jsonrpc): add get_message_info_json by Simon-Laux · Pull Request #4572 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub



I would do multiple tabs in the dialog like:

  • info that is relevant for the user (who read it, how big the message / attachment is, and when it was sent / received)
  • (if bjoern and others agree) reactions
  • advanced (message id, imap ids, hop info and the other technical info)

attachment properties (dimensions, duration, mimetype) could be also in advanced for now, there we don’t need to style them, but in the future they might get onto the first page.

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I think it’s a good idea