Remove all text from the message editor

:page_facing_up:Often, I copy long texts in the editor, in order to select only a small part, and then I must erase word for word, which is uncomfortable and wastes my time.

:bulb:I recommend putting an option to delete all the text at once when the text exceeds 6 lines in the text editor.

:mag_right: This option could be seen as an X above the send button, which would only appear when it exceeds 6 lines.

:heavy_multiplication_x:Que Something negative would be if, after writing enough, it was activated by accident, losing all the information.

Isn’t there an option to select the whole text in the “context menu” where you have the paste option?

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agree with Simon, you can do what you want by long-pressing the text bar and taping “select all” then just type something or tap backspace

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Ok thanks I saw it, I don’t know if that is available for all devices, but it works on mine,

So, this is solved with alternatives.

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