Remove arbitrary truncation of copy-pasted text


  1. Write a message of Shakespearian length and send it
  2. Oops! Message bounced back undelivered. Must have got the address slightly wrong! Oh well, let’s try again. Click the “copy” icon in the message, begin a new message, paste the text
  3. BOOM. The text has been truncated arbitrarily with a “[…]”. There is literally no way to get back the second half of the message without resorting to screen-capture and OCR

Come on, there is no good reason for this sort of arbitrariness. If copying the text of one’s own message is allowed, then that should include copying all of it.

Please fix.


This doesn’t look like a feature proposal to me. I think this is a bug, can you please also report it on the android issue tracker on github

Also I think you might be able to use forward message in this case as workaround