Remove the icon of change account by the side of the Delta Chat name

The new account change icon on the main page is redundantby side of Delta Chat app name on upper left side, clicking on the 3 dots we have the same functionality, so why not to remove it and left the Delta Chat name alone, looks more cohesive and nice, like other apps like Telegram or Whatsapp.

Thanks for your time, and I just want to say that this is a wonderful app :yellow_heart:

Clicking three dots then “Change account” is 2 clicks, while the avatar is only 1 click. If you have multiple accounts that you want to check from time to time by looking at the number of messages badge in the account change menu, this is a significant difference. Delta Chat does not have notifications for background accounts currently, but downloads messages for them in the background.

Telegram and WhatsApp don’t allow you to have multiple accounts, that’s why they don’t need an account change menu.

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Telegram has account change for a long time, WhatsApp has not, but if there is the function to change to another account even two clicks away and it has not been removed from there, it is already there it fulfilled its function, however it ugly the aesthetics of the app having the profile photo next to the name Delta Chat where the chat is, is just a suggestion for developers

that is because using multiple accounts is not a feature used a lot in messengers based on mobile numbers, but in email it is common/cheap to have multiple accounts, and it is useful to have an indicator of what is the current selected account, actually this feature was added because it was requested by several users, even here in the forum:

of course it is impossible to fit all tastes :smiley:


Of course we can’t fit all the tastes, this is for majority of users, I accept it, and absolutely love the app, but it just doesn’t fit for me, with the general look of the app, no problem, the only option for me is to adapt to it, thanks for your time, countryman :wink:

Thought where to pay appreciation for the handy solution to overview all accounts incl. quick knowing new messages (would be displayed by number in a green circle) and no more need to switch through all acconts periodical for update, and knowing which account current using, but maybe not “on topic”.

Once my person suggested to use account name instead of “delta chat” to access such. Instead a delta logo, if wishing that present.

Maybe a way fit all. Althought being aware in which cloth one appears current to others is also good, as one might forget, not seeing elsewhere. Yet if using same avatar on more accounts, it wouldn’t serve the purpose of identification of account.

What about having avatar of account as link to one’s accout settings (which is actually difficult to access, other then member and chat settings) and next account name, with link to the account overview.

An option could be only having icon displayed for those who have more than one account, me for example don’t have more than one, so no need to the app displaying my profile picture, only Delta Chat name :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t know how feasible it is, but I’d like to be able to change account by simply scrolling left/right in the DC home page, a bit like in telegram to change folders.

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I think that characteristics must be left precisely for when folders are implemented, in deltachat