Removed members and re-join via QR-code

…seems to be not really working, good Team, developers, user of DC.

And the reasons could be many… no idea where to start to assume.

Readded member’s group look like that (not able to write, My person removed and added member manual as well)

While on other side it appears like this.

Again, same trouble, yet just because user changed advice…

No chance to re-add once this dramatic security stuff had been touched…

User view of the chat:

Trying via QR invitation, same same…

A so called verified member…

The software also reported that “user changed device” issues, yet, asked, she uses always the same.

Maybe uft8 issues with new system messages the cause here as well?

Which version of Delta Chat does use?

In the first screenshot I see that email is spelled as - could you advice her to change the address to in the settings? I have tested that it does not cause problems with the latest Delta Chat versions, but spelling an email address with uppercase letters has been a problem in the past: can't write to verified group because I once added a contact with Upper case email address · Issue #4459 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

If you can save the log from device right after receiving a “Member added” message, this would also be very helpful.

I have also opened an issue on GitHub:

And will try to reproduce the problem with a test.

I see how this happened:

  • joined a group with a QR code, group join protocol finished with “member added” message, but this message was delivered only to other members and not to for some reason (message lost by the server, device resetup, …)
  • Everyone else received “member added” and wrote messages in the chat which are received by Their messages are displayed, but as they are not a member of the group from the point of view of, they cannot modify member list.
  • tries to remove and add I think current version of Delta Chat would have recreated the member list and fixed the problem when a “member removed” message is received, but this is probably not the case for the version installed on device. “Member added” is then received for, but as the device is configured as it is not considered to be an addition of self. This is a bug I am going to fix.

Mudita and Sadhu for care and Zuvorkommenheit, Nyom.

It seems to be repeatedly the case. It happens after a not "member sends from another device’, of which could be only really a matter if somebody else got known her pw.

Maybe a related issue for this case: eg.: get one’s chats back after having changed pw., maybe.