Removing old messages from server - safe or not safe?

Hello all together,

I am wondeirng if the option to remove older messages from the server is safe or not safe.
What I mean is, that there’s a warning doming up, that you should not use this option if you are using another e-mail application on the same server/account.

Otherwise the warning also tells that 0 messages would be deleted right now even though I should have some older messages in my e-mail account on the server.
The warning also says that all (old) messages in all server folders will be removed.

So - what’s really going on when I activate that feature? Does the Delta Chat remove all old messages from the server or only the ones in the Delta Chat folder?

I think the last variant would be very good, becaus otherwise the server will be filled with totally old messages after some time…

Perhaps somebody has some information on that for me.

Best regards,


Delta Chat will remove messages that you see in Delta Chat. By default it means only the Delta Chat messages and replies, but if you enable reception of classic emails, Delta Chat will download and display them, then remove from the server.

Ah, thank you! I understand.
And I also understand the warning better now…