Rename "Send copy to self" setting

Then I believe someone might ask “Why only sync messages I send between my devices? I want to sync messages I receive, too!” And others who use classic mail clients might be confused when each sent message by Delta Chat shows up again in the Inbox folder. They would not think that sync in Delta Chat with another device would cause such behavior.

@gerryfrancis so, what is your favorite?

My personal favourite is to store sent messages in the Sent folder (which is used for that purpose by my other mail clients Outlook and Thunderbird). Maybe Delta Chat could send one copy of a sent message to self and then move it from the Inbox to the Sent folder on the server, without producing additional data by using a serverside action, although I do not know if that might be possible. (It is great that Delta Chat can already find out the right folder for sent messages.)

Moving messages from one IMAP folder to another should be possible with “UID MOVE”, according to RFC 6851:

However, some servers do not support this command. But copying the message from “Inbox” to “Sent” should be possible, and I believe Delta Chat already recognizes self-sent messages, although I am not sure…

I meant, what this option should be called.

I would not rename that function, it was not me who filed that request.