Replace "Read receipt status icon" to more recognizable icon


Delta chat

Delta Chat 0.20.0 for Android


As of now each sent message has three types of icons that displayed status of message:

  • Timer icon during message sending
  • Single checkmark icon that confirms that message sent
  • Double checkmark icon that confirms message was read

Untill Hocuri posted screenshot I didn’t even noticed that “read receipt” icon already implemented (well, after 45 any1 would step in such issue) because it barely recognizable if it’s a single of double checkmark icon.

I would be (and I believe all others who doesn’t have perfect vision) greatly appreciated if “read receipt” icon would be replaced to something more visually accented instead of double checkmark, as an example, change double checkmark to the icon like this:



Doesn’t DC show a double checkmark when the message was read? Like here:


Thank you Hocuri !

While I still can read and recognize small details on a smartphone without glasses, I didn’t saw that single checkmark turning to the double checkmark till you post your screenshot.

I would update my “Future reuest” then with proposal to change double checkmark to something more recognizable.

Thank you again !


For what it’s worth, I still think talking about shown or “displayed” messages and using an “eye” icon or an “arrow pointing into a display” icon might be much more self-explaining and preferable.