Replace "Read receipt status icon" to more recognizable icon

Delta chat

Delta Chat 0.20.0 for Android


As of now each sent message has three types of icons that displayed status of message:

  • Timer icon during message sending
  • Single checkmark icon that confirms that message sent
  • Double checkmark icon that confirms message was read

Untill Hocuri posted screenshot I didn’t even noticed that “read receipt” icon already implemented (well, after 45 any1 would step in such issue) because it barely recognizable if it’s a single of double checkmark icon.

I would be (and I believe all others who doesn’t have perfect vision) greatly appreciated if “read receipt” icon would be replaced to something more visually accented instead of double checkmark, as an example, change double checkmark to the icon like this:


Doesn’t DC show a double checkmark when the message was read? Like here:

Thank you Hocuri !

While I still can read and recognize small details on a smartphone without glasses, I didn’t saw that single checkmark turning to the double checkmark till you post your screenshot.

I would update my “Future reuest” then with proposal to change double checkmark to something more recognizable.

Thank you again !

For what it’s worth, I still think talking about shown or “displayed” messages and using an “eye” icon or an “arrow pointing into a display” icon might be much more self-explaining and preferable.

I explored a little google images on subject “message seen/read” and it looks like there only 3 major icons exist for this purpose:

  • double check mark as it is now (WhatsUp using the same)
  • the icon I proposed - checkmark in cyrcle (Viber using the same)
  • just plain text “seen” (that taking a lot of space)

I’d like your idea with eye (exact meaning of “seen”).

I hope this feature would be implemented soon, anytime I need to be sure message was seen I need glasses :~(

There was a github issue for this, it pointed to some example icons, but I can’t find that issue anymore.

It was a comment here:

Thank you for the link !

It looks to me, like “read receipt status icon” are still the same on github - it is double checkmark in repository that barely recognizable between single checkmark and double checkmark.

If any developer reading this thread, let me know please if you need better recognizable icon, so I will find designer who will do that.

well, of course we’re reading this :slight_smile:

first of all thank you for your thoughts and the idea to bring this forward.

to the symbol as such - afaik, the one/two checkmarks are rather well-known in the messenger-world. in general, i would suggest to stay which such well-known elements - or change them only for very good reasons :slight_smile:

but i am pretty sure, the concrete implementation can be improved - although the android-dev symbols are a bit clearer than the old f-droid ones, to be honest i created them without much knowledge of svg or inkscape and without much love …

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The checkmarks may be common for the messenger world, however the meaning may not be equal as one checkmark does not mean received by the device, only sent (to the outgoing smtp relay, and “on the way”), and isn’t self explaining.

If we look for better visibility and meaning.

  • The existing icon from the send button (a pointed paper airplane) could be used for sent “on the way” (maybe turned by 45 degree plus some trailing lines, similar to the examples on the page linked below),
  • And the checkmark in the eye could be used for “shown / seen”.

These should be recognizable and be reasonably self-explaining for all.
Would the shape difference between a full colored airplane and an outlined eye with a checkmark be better visible for you AlexJ?


Would the most simple be visible?: single checkmark for “sent” and a “checked eye” for “seen”

Thank you r10 for looking on my request ! I truly appreciate it !

I completely agree with you that any project should use commonly accepted things to prevent inventing a wheel and force users to re-learning something, but AFAIK this symbol is common for particular app - WhatsApp and there plenty questions online from users, -what double ticks means. As I wrote before, other apps using different icon for such events, IMHO, a double checkmark isn’t a standard.

Facebook messenger for example, it use icon I proposed, it just use differently painted background for different events…

Well, I think that better recognizable and intuitively understandable icon is a good reason :slight_smile:
Unfortunately any1 who passed 40-45 age barrier will step on this vision issue, when close small details isn’t recognizable without reading glasses :frowning:
I still can read messages without glasses, but small details are really an issue. Without glasses, double checkmark barely loos like a bold single checkmark, so the whole purpose of icon is lost for old farts :slight_smile:

IMHO, your idea with eye with check mark inside is most compatible with facebooks icons and much better recognizable and understandable for displaying purpose of “message seen”

I think that eye is the best for the purpose to indicate that message have been seen


Why not a eye whitout a checkmark (as Threema do).
It looks nicer and is also simple to design. :wink:

Or a open envelope as known from Email clients?


An eye with checkmark inside informs that message have been sent (checkmark) and seen (combination of checkmark and oval looks like an eye where is a good correlation between meaning of word “seen” )

In this case, sent message icon (checkmark) might be replace too to closed envelope and there might be the same problem that exist now - close and open envelope when it fits in 27x18 pixels would be barely recognizable (open vs close envelope)

If it’s marked as seen it’s sendet.
There is nothing other thinkable :yum:

I’m also not particularly fond of the checkmark in the eye, and think the “backwards compatibility” may be dropped here. A classic eye should do it as well, and may even have more beauty. :slight_smile:

Rethinking the checkmark for the “submitted, in transmission, on the way, and sitting in the inbox” status, on the other hand… It may be as good as it gets to avoid the icon to raise more questions than answers, and not making it look as messags are always delayed sitting in an unsure “flying”, “queued” , “incomplete” or “waiting” state for too long. Additional reception receipts may be possible to avoid this, but may just create too much unnecessary traffic.

I think there are 3 or 4 state icons useful:

  • Recived by server

  • Received by receivers device

  • Readed

  • Maybe still a clock while sending is in progress (especially by sending big attachments)

However the icon looks like (eye, check mark or whatever)

If it “readed” then logically it is “Received by receivers device”. I think it would be over-complication to get status “Received by receivers device”.

Current icons do its job well, the only “seen” icon is barely differentiate from “sent” icon, that’s why I suggested to change just “read/seen” icon by accenting it in a round circle or oval as testbird suggested, so it would looks like an eye. I think there’re a lot of more important stuff to do besides of icons, so the easiest fix I think it is just to change “seen” icon.

It seems you misunderstood me :wink:

So let me explain:

  • Clock - message upload in progress

Why: Leave your device online

  • One checkmark - message is delivered to the server but not delivered to receivers device.

Why: If you like, you can switch off your device or cut the connection.

  • Second checkmark - message is delivered to receivers device but not readed (seen)

Why: Pushmessage is sendet and shown on receivers device. But the message or DC was not opend yet.

  • Eye - DC was opend. The receiver has seen (readed) the message.

And now, switcht off your devices.
It’s Christmas time :grinning:

Merry Christmas to all :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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