Report bugs in this forum

There is not a section for the bugs report in the forum, users have to do it with github. Do you think it can be useful here?

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Not all devs are active forum readers so If you want to have a critical bug fixed fast the respective GitHub repo is still the best way.
So I currently don’t think an extra category would be useful, unless/until we have some people willing to check it regularly and create corresponding gh issues.

But I also see that people dislike GitHub being owned by microsoft or normal folks that don’t want to create yet another account, so if we had the resources I would be in favour of such a category.


Thanks for the answer.

Very much. Moved all my repos to GitLab and much better, also feature wise.

Re respective GitHub repo - It may be complicated for regular users - first to even bother with an account, second to figure out which repo to report against. The “Help/Report an issue” menu in the app makes it pretty straightforward, though.

To make it even easier, one could allow anonymous issue creation. GitLab has the Service desk feature where one may create an issue by sending an e-mail :smiley: We know how to do that, right? It could be a little more user friendly with some extra support in the app to formulate the report correctly. It could help with filling in details such as version, architecture, os… I think it’s worthwhile.

Bug reports in the forum, I don’t think so, just an extra overhead

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