Responce in group will not be signed with Chat:

Delta Chat version

Android 1.2.1

Expected behaviour

A message in a DeltaChat group should be signed in the Mail-subject with <Chat: Groupname: Message> to can be moved to the DeltaChat folder and show up in the messenger.

Actual behavior

A message in a DeltaChat group send with Verion 1.2.1 has just the Mail-subject <Re: Groupname> and will not be moved correctly by other members of the group.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. send a message in a DeltaChat group with the DeltaChat messenger version 1.2.1
  2. check the mail-subject with a standart mail application

this is the correct and expected behavior. the goal is, to be as much compatible to existing mailing programs as possible - so there is a simple rule now: the group name is the subject - see Subject of emails

well, thank you for the clearification. Unfortunately it leads to
the issue that messages will not be moved to the DeltaChat folder
correctly and consequently will not show up in the messanger for
some clients. Is there a way to overcome it?

why does this lead to the issue that messages will not be moved to the DeltaChat folder

the subject is ignored by Delta Chat on receiving messages.

As existing mailing programs can receive multiple different subjects, I think sooner or later group chats will need to support receiving emails with changed subjects without prompting (emails from known contacts).

What if emails would be assigned to chats by their From: and To: fields, but not the subject?

It could mean incoming emails result in group name changes, or not. For mailing list support it seems the group name could preferably stay the same, using what is often mentioned within brackets [Listname] Subject...

And later maybe a “subject” filtering tab in the options available by tapping the chat’s title bar.

hi, do you mean you have a server side rule that used the subject to move messages containing “Chat:” ??? if that is the case, you could try using the “Chat-Version” header instead.

(Also Delta Chat itself has an option to move messages to the DeltaChat folder when they are received in the app, it doesn’t matter the subject the chat messages will be moved by the app, if you see some messages left in the INBOX, that is a connection issue and some random messages get stuck in the Inbox since Delta Chat seems not retrying to move them)

Hi, thank you all for your replies.
I got the problem and all of you are right! Unfortunately it leads to the same issue mentioned here: Issues with Mail responding.
All messages will be moved and filtered correctly if sended from delta but NOT if replied by a standard email application. In this case a Chat-Tag in the Mail-header is missing, hence a server side rule with Chat-Version (or similar) will not work.

Thus what exactly is the tag in the mail header by which delta recognize it as chat-message? And how has this changed in the latest version (with an older version it works perfectly)?

(Main issue for this thread is solved)