Issues with Mail responding

Delta Chat version

Android 0.510.2
Android 1.2.1

Expected behavior

A message responce with standard Email application should also be shown in DeltaChat messenger.

Actual behavior

If respond to an DeltaChat message with an standard Email application the message will not shown up in DeltaChat messenger. By testing it with the old version (0.510.1) in parallel the Email responce show up in the old DeltaChat messenger but not in the new one.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Write a message with DeltaChat
  2. respond per standard Email application
  3. Responce will not show up in the new DeltaChat version, but in the old one

hi @danfrie - first of all, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

to your question: replies should pop up, non-replies only if “Show classic emails” is enabled in the settings.

thank you for your answer. Unfortunately mail replies will not
show up as descriped above only replies inside delta.

By looking at the mail headers, an email reply will not contain any Chat-Tag, different to the headers from messages sended by delta chat. Nevertheless the previous delta chat version recognized messages from standard mail applications as chat message, the latest version not.

Confirming this. Client on the other end may be Thunderbird or K-9 Mail, same behaviour: Replies are not shown in Delta.Chat. Android Delta.Chat version is 1.2.1.

i think, you’re right, seems to be a bug, thanks for sharing. currently, replies only pop up when “show classic emails” is set to “accepted contacts” or “all”. i filed an issue at

thank you both for confirming this. My client was also
Let’s hope to solve the bug quickly.

the bug is already found and fixed: , needs to be approved, however.

I can confirm the fix is working with Android Delta Chat 1.3.0 and Thunderbird or K-9 Mail on the other end.

However, the problem remains with Linux desktop Delta Chat v1.1.1. Shall we open another ticket, or is this in progress already?

i think it will be fixed with the upcoming Delta Chat Desktop 1.2

I can also confirm the fix! With the new version it works perfectly.
Thanks a lot guys you’re great :slight_smile:


Many thanks! Seems to have been fixed in Delta Chat Desktop 1.2, too.

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