Response Messages are sometimes not received



I am using the DeltaChat (DC) App (version 0.200.0) on an Android 8 device, and it works pretty well, except for one contact, who is on I noticed that response messages from that contact (subject line starts with “Re: Chat: …”) are not received by / not shown in the DeltaChat App.

I can see these messages online in my email account as part of a “Chat: …” conversation, but they don’t pop up in DC, which is quite annoying because I miss most of the response messages I receive (until I look them up online). When this contact sends message directly to me (initial message, no response) the message appears in DC.

These messages also don’t show up in my K-9 email client, because that one does only poll first class folders and should ignore “Chat:” messages. However, this works also bit inconsistently, but I’ll open another thread for that.

Has anyone observed similar issues? Thanks a lot for your support and advice!

A DeltaChat Fan


Could you upgrade to the latest Android version (0.304.0) and see if the problem persists?

do other gmail contacts work well?

What is your own provider?