Same account with several clients

Hello, I really love this app… but unfortunately not longer works with me. Please… help me!
I use provider, I’ve several aliases that I use for several purpose (personal, work, web… and chat). For this I need to use desktop clients (like thunderbird) and other mobile app (like K-9).

Delta Chat version

Expected behavior

I would like that DC use and scan only one folder (Deltachat), any message received must be moved in it and also any message sent in it.

Actual behavior

I installed DC more than one year ago, I moved all my chat message (also message with other clients like thunderbird and k9) in DC folder (in past I think it was named only Chat, right?) and DC showing me all those message.

At that time, DC works almost good. I had the problems that when I received a chat message (from DC), it went in the inbox so I had double notification, from DC and from K9. It was very frustating, so I decided to do not longer use… but I like so much the DC concept and I want to use it again.

Now, I update DC and I tried to use again… but now it doesn’t works at all.
It send messages correctly (arrives to the recipients) but when I send a message it go in the inbox as new message! So whenever send a message I received a notification of a new email from K9 and in my desktop client! Really bad behavior!
But the worst ever is that the chat messages I received are not notified and showed from DC.
So I can’t view the chat replies in DC.
I tried to move the chat message from inbox to DC folder (manually and with filter rules)… but nothing, the messages are not in DC!

Please… suggest me the right setting, I tried with scan inbox, sent, dc folder… only dc folder… nothing, it doesen’t works.

Do you have the moving filter (that moves the chat messages in the deltachat folder) on your mail provider?
Maybe you find something useful in the logs…

Some phones kill the background process of DC that is used to check if new messages are there and call this “Battery Optimization”.

Email Interaction -> All could maybe help too.

Hello, there was something wrong.
In the log there was error to connect to imap server, I added the account setting last year… maybe with the update something it happened. Anyway I insert the account setting, but it’s the same.

I added DC as no battery optimization, don’t think depend by this.
Sent correctly, the message go in the inbox, so I receive the notification from the other mail app and the desktop client.
About reception, the message arrive in the inbox (notification from other mail app and desktop client) but nothing from DC.

Then, I reactivate the filter that move the messages to the DC folder.
Now, when I send the message, it go to DC folder and I don’t receive the notification from other app.
But when I receive message… DC still not notify and not show the message.

So it’s not actually fetching the message from the dc folder?
It’s normal that it doesn’t watches the inbox folder if you deactivated that in the settings.
Are the emails still “unread” after the filter moves them to the deltchat folder?

I made several tests with all configurations.

example1: DC fetch only the DC folder with filter rules by the provider (move chat messages in DC folder) -> I’ve 2 emails not read in DC folder (sent&received) with no notification and received message not showed in DC.

example2: DC fetch inbox, sent and DC folder with filter rules by the provider -> I’ve 2 emails not read in DC folder (sent&received) with no notification and received message not showed in DC.

example3: DC fetch inbox, sent and DC folder without filter rules by the provider (I think standard use) -> I’ve 2 emails not read in inbox (sent&received) with no notification and received message not showed in DC.

For the moment I’m not interested to have DC that works as I wish, but I would like that works normally.

actually seems to have a bug because I had tried this setup (watch DeltaChat folder only) and still some messages from INBOX where randomly showing up in Delta Chat (sometimes INBOX messages where downloaded despite the watch inbox option was disabled)

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any solution?
now I setted watch inbox, sent, DC folder and no one filter rule… but don’t works!
I’ve 2 email unread (sent and received) in inbox.

I recommend that you completely reinstall the application, once you do it set up your account, then, without making any changes to the DC settings, send a message to one of your contacts, then, all messages that this contact sends you, then of your first message, they should enter DC without any problem.

thanks, I would not like it because I made it in past and when I reinstalled I didn’t found the old messages (naturally they were stored in DC folder).
if I remove and reinstall DC now, with the current version, will I find the old messages?

If you do a backup and import it again after reinstall, you’ll find them.

I think a trick could be to move all messages in DeltaChat folder to INBOX and then reinstall delta chat, not tested this myself :wink:

UPDATE: Check this:

Before remove and reinstall, I’m making tests with the desktop version.

I installed the desktop and naturally DC don’t show any messages (I’ve a lot of emails/messages in DC folder), I tried also to import a backup… but it crash and I’ve not messages. Maybe it depend by the desktop version.

For the trick of the inbox… I can’t. I use this mail account as my normal and primary mail (I’ve several aliases), so in the inbox I’ve my classic emails.

I’m not with my personal pc now, I can’t test… but if I mark as unread all the messages in DC folder?