Same person different email

i have contact that don’t use Delta Chat, and the same person e-mail me from two (or more) different e-mail adress.
Or sometimes they use Delta but just want to forward me something from their work mail account or something.

Expected behavior

i would like to see every message from the same person in the same conversation. I would like to be able to group conversations coming from different e-mail in one and only conversation with the same person.

Actual behavior

Actually i have two or more conversations with the same person open in different list, that can create confusion.

Thanks a lot !

I think you can easily solve this by creating a group and adding the various email addresses

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thanks for trying, i also thought about this solution but it’s not exactly what i am looking for : when i do this, i loose all the chat history …

After creating the group, all future messages will appear in it.
The older ones stay where they are now.
Why should you lose your chat history?

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okay i explain it wrong way :
i meant : chat history is not in the same list, i can not browse it easily in the same window i have to go back to the previous exchange.

And one more question : if i put the same person with different e-mail in a conversation, she will get all messages in double, on her 2 e-mail ?

What would be great would be, i don’t know, maybe using the multiple field e-mail 1, e-mail 2, e-mail 3 etc in the contact list of the phone, to identify that it’s the same person ?

There might be workarounds, but I don’t think a solution for your problem at app level can be easily implemented. As for e-mail 1, e-mail 2 etc., it might be feasible if e-mail 1, e-mail 2 etc. were aliases and not different providers

how would you decide to which of the accounts you should send your message? since you don’t want to sent to all their addresses, then a “default account for sending” would be needed to be set, and in general things get over-complicated, so the best you can do is to live with it, and chat with that person in 2 different 1:1 chats depending on their usage, they might want you to reply to that address and not to some default address.

you can always try asking that contact to always use the same account to chat with you if it really bother you that much, but personally I have chatted with people that use like 3 different accounts and it was not the big deal, issues come when you want to find some media or attachment in some of the chat galleries, a global “media & files” galleries would probably help in that case