Save all chats as text file in backup

Expected behavior

When creating a backup, all chats of an account are saved as text file in the TAR archive in addition to the SQLite database.

Actual behavior

The chat logs are only available as SQLite database in the TAR archive.


Regular backups are very important.
In DC they contain all chat logs in a SQLite database.
This makes it easy to restore accounts or transfer them to other devices.
But sometimes users need their old chats in a simple readable form like a text file.
I think it would be the best to automatically create these text files with every backup and store them in the TAR archive along with all other data. As a result, users would not have to export all chats individually, like in other messengers.
In addition, no changes to the UI would be necessary.
The size of the TAR archives would only increase slightly, because pure text files are relatively small and can be easily compressed.

Example Images

In order for Webxdc status updates to stand out more from the rest of the text, they are written in quotation marks.
A quote is marked by two " * " and the answer is in the line below.
If DC should support link previews in the future, the image could be placed directly behind the URL and a plus.
To distinguish stickers from normal images, the word sticker is located in front of the file name.
If an image is sent together with a text, both could be in one line (not visible in the example images).
For example: <image.jpg> Image description.
If one day several files can be sent at once, it would probably be easiest to write them one after the other in the same line.
Reactions are in a way a kind of comment on a message.
Since in many programming languages, comments are separated from the source code by two slashes, I thought it would make sense to separate reactions from the message text in the same way.