Saved Messages Icon is lost when deleting on one device but not another

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

On multiple devices, if you delete the saved messages folder, you should have a method to recreate it. If recreated, you should be able to replace the icon back to the default one.

Actual behavior

Saved messages is deleted from iOS but remains on macOS. When a message is forwarded on macOS into the chat, it recreates it correctly on iOS but the icon is your profile image, not the saved messages icon. There exists no method to change the icon.

Steps to reproduce the problem

As above

It would be nice to have a mechanism in each client under Advanced to recreate that chat if you delete it. That would probably be the easiest way to solve the above.

Hello :wave:,
to restore the saved messages folder with the correct icon, you just have to send a message to yourself.

we recently fixed a bug with lost “Saved Messages” icons, with good chance, this also solves this problem.

the fix will be available in the next release, coming soon™