Schedule Messaging & Silent Messaging

Expected behavior

It will be more convenient if we can scheduled messages for a period and send silent messages. Some times we have to send some messages with specific time, Suppose you are giving Birthday whishes to your friend. Sometimes we need to send messages without the notification pop up

We could implement silent messaging (email has a priority header), but reliable scheduled messages are not possible because we have no servers and there is no guarantee that your device and app is online at the time when it should be sent, so the closest we ca get to delayed sending would be to say it is sent after the time you specify, but I think users expect it to be immediately delivered at that time.

Your device could have no battery, don’t allow the deltachat app to run in the background or be offline at the time the scheduled message should be sent. Other messengers have a server that is always online that can do such tasks, with DeltaChat we have to use the existing email servers that are not under the control of the DeltaChat developers.

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Yes after posting this, This knock on my head that we have no central servers. But I really appreciate you and the team of delta chat who make such an app which has changed my email reading system, I have come to know about “Spike” their unique selling point was chat like feature with email, But They were not free, after someday I was searching for private messaging service then I read about delta chat on a blog post, But I think you can implement delay system, With a disclaimer that it does not work all the time, Your device need to be online and allow delta chat running im the background"
But really heads up to you and delta chat team , I’m a student of a third world country I Don’t have enough money to support the Development but I will always be great ful to you.