Scheduled or Delayed Posts

My partner and I use DeltaChat as our primary method of communicating after Signal failed us too many times. We have different schedules, so there is times when I want to send a chat at three in the morning but I know that they have their notifications turned on because normally chats from Delta use attention.

I would love if there was a way to defer or schedule a post to go out during their waking hours so I can queue them up instead of having to remember something like scheduling a dog visit or finding a Tiktok video they would like.

On the work side, same thing. I’d love to be able to send those posts after my coworkers come online (wherever they are) instead of demanding attention at their three in the morning.

(I use the desktop and Android, if it matter.)


yip, offering a way to not disturb people would be nice - esp. if one knows that recipients does not take care of enabling “silent mode” or sth. like that themselves :wink:

an alternative to delayed sending might be an option as “send silently” - this is what telegram offers.

i am not saying the one or the other is better - both attempts have their drawbacks - “send silently” does not work directly with non-delta-clients and “delay sending” may have problems if the sending device is offline or out-of-battery at the scheduled time.

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Telegram has both “delayed sendings” and “send silently”