Scroll completely, the list of chats

Every time the phones are bigger, and more uncomfortable, for one-handed use, I think that it is something important in the development of mobile applications, the implementation of tools that facilitate one-handed use.
This could be highly appreciated, mainly in people who drive cars, bicycles, and those who like to check their mobile while lying down, or those who for x reasons have a busy hand and find it uncomfortable to use both when handling the mobile at any time. determined.
In this case, I propose an option that I have been looking for in many messaging applications and have not seen in any,
It is about being able to fully slide the chat list until the first chat is below the middle of the screen, this, as I had commented, is to facilitate reaching the first chat, when working with one hand, that is, easily reach the first chat with your thumb.
I think that, as a side effect, you could take advantage of this empty space to put some widgets with useful information to users, such as, connection status, tip of the day, server data, etc., or perhaps just leave it blank.

modern androids support splitting the screen in two, and also scaling the screen for one hand usage