Send a message to myself

Can I send a message from my android apptication to myself to view this message by a IMAP-client (for example Gmail)? Now I send a message to myself and I see one in the folder DeltaChat but I can not read this message beacause the message contaits only two unreadable files.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Of course.

This message is encrypted with your own PGP key.

So you need a way to decrypt this message.
E.G. by using a mail client wich supports autocrypt or if you like to read it in your browser you could also use mailvelope.

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Saludos, cuando envíes el mensage desactiva la encriptacion para que te llegue normal, después vuelves a activarlo. Y podrás leer tu mensage en tu otro cliente sin ploblemas.

what @agutierrez said is that you could also go to advanced settings and disable encryption so your emails will be sent unencrypted and readable with your email client