Send Autocrypt Setup Message between Mobile and Desktop does not work

Delta Chat version

Delta Chat Mobile: 1.1.2 Android 10
Delta Chat Windows: Version 0.999.1-PREVIEW

Expected behavior

Press “Send Autocrypt Setup Message” on one device should create a sync message on either both or other (non-initiating) device.

Actual behavior

When I press “Send Autocrypt Setup Message” on mobile/android client, I am presented with key authorization message (the secret numbers). However, the Autocrypt invite is not delivered to Windows client, but to the mobile device requesting send itself! Making it impossible to setup encryption between devices.

Same happens in revers scenario. Request to Send Autocrypt Message from Windows desktop does not reach Android client.

There is no different if “Send copy to self” is selected or not.

TL;DR: Having two devices A and B, the autocrypt setup message from A is sent to A, and from B to B. Exchange from A to B or B to A does not happen.

Oh no! :man_facepalming:

It was Spam policy from my provider. When email message contains html attachment (a Autocrypt Setup) it automatically blocks it.

After that got sorted the whole workflow works smoothly!


@Jarek_Rozanski first of all - welcome aboard.

and thanks for coming back and providing the solution :slight_smile: