Sent messages that are stored in an IMAP folder with 'Send copy to self' remain marked as 'Unread'

Delta Chat version
1.12.5 Android

Expected behavior
When I have ‘Send copy to self’ enabled, messages from me should be automatically marked as ‘Read’ in the IMAP folder, just like incoming read messages are.

Actual behavior
I see incoming messages get set to read in IMAP as expected, but any messages from me end up in the IMAP folder marked as unread. This makes regular e-mail handling more cluttered - I have a mix of ‘normal’ mail and Delta messages in the same account, albeit in different folders.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  • With all of the ‘Watch … folder’ settings, ‘Send copy to self’ and ‘Automatic moves …’ enabled
  • Send a message to a non-Delta recipient
  • Note that it stays permanently unread in the DeltaChat IMAP folder <-- the bug
  • Non-Delta recipient replies
  • Reply shows up in Delta, and in the DeltaChat IMAP folder, getting quickly marked as read
  • Reply to that reply from within Delta. The reply shows up in DeltaChat IMAP folder, but again stays permanently unread.

Debug logs
As with the previous topic, can be provided if it’s a non-obvious problem unique to my environment.


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Opened an issue:

@link2xt - I believe I’m on a version of the Android app containing a version of core with this fixed, but I can still observe the problem. Android app 1.14.5 - does that sound like that should contain the fix?

I send a message, it gets Bcc-ed to my e-mail account, server-side rules put it into the ‘DeltaChat’ folder, but when I view the folder later the outbound message is still marked as New. Relevant settings are:

  • Watch Inbox folder - no
  • Watch Sent folder - yes (although I don’t use this folder)
  • Watch DeltaChat folder - yes
  • Send copy to self - yes
  • Automatic moves to DeltaChat folder - no