Set a "Subject"

To set a subject of the mail now is possible creating a group with the addressee, but this is not so user-friendly and the option “new group or subject” in the contact info is not so clear.

Expected behavior

Subject should be set as option:
-as attachment (like in Samsung “Messages”)
-with long press on “arrow” symbol (like to send SMS with Signal)


do you mean the email “subject”?

Yes, sorry for the wrong translation, I edited.

Maybe especially meant for single “chats”, as the have no subject, or? Maybe a distinction in regard of chat or “contact-talk” in the chat-list would help to get more clear.

Change/set chat(-name), changes/sets subject. Maybe just thought if withing to give a message out of “contact-talk” a subject, performed without going up into menus.

Ohh… that flows into here

In that case, handy, if done in current talk.