Set username during set up process

Instead of having a default username in this form “=?utf-8?q??=”, and then the user has to go to the settings to set his/her username, why don’t you create an username using the email provided? Or ask for the desired username during the set up process? That would make things easier for people.

is this really the default username? this is a bug then, normally the default username should just be empty resp. email address.

apart from that, yip, makes some sense to let the user enter a name/pseudonym and maybe even an avatar during the setup process.

yes when I check my email from an email client, in the “from” section, I have "=?utf-8?q??= "

Yeah the avatar is a nice idea too. Could be optional though.

yes when I check my email from an email client, in the “from” section, I have "=?utf-8?q??= "

hm, which email-client are you using? because i think the string =?utf-8?q??= is just the encoding for an empty string - and it should not be displayed.
i tried that with Delta Chat to Delta Chat and Delta Chat to Thunderbird and things are fine.

however, maybe we can leave out =?utf-8?q??= completely to better support broken clients :slight_smile:

evolution (gnome)
I’ve tried directly online, you’re right it is an evolution issue…

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nice that we find bugs in other mail programs meanwhile :wink:


What do you mean by optional?

perhaps some users wouldn’t want to set an avatar

currently, the avatars are optional, and this won’t change, when we would show the “your profile info” after installation. same as the name/pseudonym - it will be fine to not specify that.

My definition of “optional” would be to have the choice to set a local avatar for my contacts so I have not to see e.g. the back of there dogs :wink:

Maybe local avatar from contacts overwrites the avatar that the contact set.

This could be a idea.

Or a other idea.
Add the possibility to set a avatar locally in DC and store this in the data base of DC.
Is there a picture show this as avatar. Is there not a picture show the avatar which is set by the contact.

In this case I could set pictures on my own for Android and do the same for desktop and iOS. And you would be intepentent from local phonebook.

I hope I described it clear what I mean.
@simon If not, feel free to ask me via DC so I can write it in german :wink:

having avatar-overwrites would introduce a lot of ux-questions, some of them you have already mentioned :slight_smile: so i do not think, we will follow this direction soonish.
there are still some issues with the current avatar implementation, so, let’s see how this works out first. at least, for me, i am very happy with the avatars seeing from my contacts, few dog-backs here :wink:

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