Setting up on Android with a GSuite email address

Delta Chat version
[from Android application info, because the settings screen isn’t available before you’re set up]

Expected behavior
Input my email address
Perform OAuth login
Setup completes and I can use DeltaChat

Actual behavior
My email address is correctly identified as a Gmail address (it’s a GSuite one, so on my domain)
Oauth login presented, and completes
Configuration starts, showing a percentage.
Gets stuck at 66% and never completes.

Based on some searches, there were previously issues with GSuite addresses, but they appear to have been resolved:

I’m unsure of the best way of determining what stage the config has got stuck at.

The problem is not fixed in the release. You can download nightly version from, install it alongside the release, then backup and restore on the release version. It should work and update automatically after that.

Thank you - that’s very helpful.
I’m surprised a merge from June 2020 isn’t included in the current release, or is this a different (more recent) fix?

@Will-W I guess the problem was solved in this pr: Configure provider based on MX record by link2xt · Pull Request #2123 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub

So 12 days ago :slight_smile:

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Thank you for identifying that PR. I look forward to it being included in a release.

i used to unconditionally love google. for way longer than i like to admit to myself.

but there are very good reasons to actually hate it if you’re aware of the whole free, open source and decentralised movement.

just saying on top of every difficulty there is in creating and maintaining any kind of project like delta chat, there’s probably a very well justified unconscious culture to disregard the big corps…

and that no matter what’s your excuse for keep using it, you should seriously consider to stop.

kudos for delta chat team in keeping even the technical politeness there. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: