Setup desktop client with custom mail provider

I installed the latest release (v1.1.0) of the desktop app and can’t login to my custom domain. Is there a way to manually edit config files to provide credentials?

not sure about configuration files, however, one of the next updates will probably allow to enter server/port/etc. in the ui.

So theoretically the auto smtp and imap detection should work already (like it does oin the android client)?

hm just recorder the popping up red error messages that flash by. Looks like it does not search for config files on the server as the android version does. It looks for instead of strato.

If we know the name and location of the database that will be used by desktop, you can create a valid DB with the command line tools (incl. special server settings).
After having a valid DB in place, I would expect, that the desktop stuff will work

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In version preview-1.7.0 I still receive this error message and can’t enter custom server settings: