Share websites in Safari via DC-Desktop

Expected behavior

It is possible to share a website via DC-Desktop using the share button in Safari.

Actual behavior

The user needs to copy the URL in Safari and paste it into DC-Desktop to share a webpage.


This would make sharing websites via DC-Desktop for macOS more convenient.

Example Images

Personal I highly dislike the safari interface and rather copy paste from the addresser via keyboard shortcuts (which is also quicker provided you already have DC opened.)

Anyways you can already achieve that in two ways:
Set Deltachat as default email app in apple Mail app:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-18 um 08.45.47
Or install the iOS version from the appstore (though that only works on ARM (M1) Macs and there the interface is currently buggy: Share dialog glitches/looks wrong when running under macOS · Issue #1670 · deltachat/deltachat-ios · GitHub)

Adding a share extension to deltachat desktop might be hard, though I haven’t looked into it, anyways I currently don’t think it is worth the effort to find out currently. (at least for me, I’d review and merge a pull request if someone else wants to work on it :wink: )

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Thanks for the info. :+1:
I would like to use DC as a “normal” email app.
Unfortunately, without the ability to enter a subject, this is only possible to a limited extent.

Sorry, I didn’t realize it would take a lot of effort and thought DC just had to be registered somewhere in macOS. Otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it.

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when GitHub - deltachat/apple_webxdc_quick_look_thumbnail_provider: WIP: thumbnail provider for webxdc files (show app icon instead of zip icon) for macOS and iOS is done and we integrate it in desktop we’ll know more about the process of integrating app extensions in existing electron apps, then it is probably not hard anymore but easy.

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Thank you. :+1: