Sharing Location Functionality


I have been using XMPP / Openfire for several years and have now switched to Delta Chat using my own e-mail server. The concept and also the realization of Delta Chat is great!

One thing I do however find a little annoying is the “Location Streaming” feature. For XMPP I used the “Conversations” app and my girlfriend and I were constantly sending our location to one another. We no longer do that with Delta Chat, because the location streaming implementation is just to cumbersome.

In the Conversations app the location was shared by simply showing a marker on an integrated Open Street Maps map. I found this approach much more usable then the location streaming feature in Delta Chat.

I personally would find a simple link similar to this:


more practical.

Or just a little marker on Open Steet Maps as such:


Hello :wave:,
it would be great if you could share your position once with the mobile DC versions.
So far, this is only possible in DC-Desktop.
This feature must first be activated there:

Settings → Experimental Features → On-demand Location Streaming

To share your location you have to mark it on the map.