Show all E-Mails to/from the deltachat E-Mail alias

At Preferences -> Chats and Media, it is possible to choose three options for displaying E-Mails.

  1. Only Chats
  2. Accepted Contacts
  3. All

I would love
4. All E-Mails to/from the configured alias.

Reason. I have multiple aliases configured on my account, i.e., one for I would like to receive all e-mails interacting with this alias and leave all others untouched.

I’m using the Android client, but I think this should be possible in all clients.

Thank you all for your great work. DC is magnificent

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I use this this way:
I have a alias which I use only with Delta Chat.

I have created a server sided filter to move all incoming mails sent to my
Delta Chat Alias into the deltachat IMAP folder.

And changed the setting in my Delta Chat App:
Watch inbox: off
Watch deltachat folder: on
Watch sent folder: off

This works fine for me.

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