Show classic emails for ALL (Advanced Settings) does not work

Delta Chat version 0.304.0

Expected behavior

When I go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Show classic emails --> All
I expect that delta chat notifies me and shows me ALL received emails, also emails from unknown senders.

Actual behavior

With above setting, I send an email to my DeltaChat email address from an email account that is unknown by the app. The app however ignores the email - it does not show it at all.

When I log in to my deltaChat email-address in web-mailer of the email hoster, I see that the email arrived.

Clarification: I waited long enough and repeated a few times, always same result. In contrast, email exchange with a known email account works correctly.

In contrast: In the same advanced settings menu, the settings “No, chats only” and “For accepted contacts” work fine, as expected.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Show classic emails --> All, then return to main page of the app.
  2. Go to Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Show classic emails, again, and confirm that the setting is really at “All”. Yes it is. Then return to main page of the app.
  3. Some email account that the app does not know sends an email to the email used by the DeltaChat app
  4. DeltaChat does not show that it has received this email, although acc. to decumentation it should

Screen snapshots


Debug logs


Which Email Providers are you using in your Test? Some providers like move new emails in other folders than inbox or deltachat and outlook messes up the headers for example.

To me that “show emails” configuration option seems insconsistent and needs improvment.

I guess nothing has actually changed, compared to before, when all “All” is selected, and despite what is said, deltachat does not work any better as documented here:

I have to correct myself!

The emails did arrive, but I did not see it!

In the DeltaChat main entry view of the app, I was expecting an entry in the chat list like “emails from other senders” or so. Since this did not show up, I thought the feature is broken.

But now I see that these emails are collected in the menu item “Contact requests” after tapping the three dots … on the top right corner.

Yeah, sadly.
But it’s absolutely understandable, the same will likely happen to every new user. The the UX needs to be fixed. You (did and likely will still) hit a hand full of fundamental, long-standing but not addressed, user-facing bugs in the UI and use-case adaption area. Though, it would be just a one-time effort to solve.

The points from the wiki you already got hit by:

  • Missing an improved “reachable by” option that allows users to actually be reachable from known contacts with short emails (with a metric for incoming chat-starting email messages).
  • Missing indicator-and-counter for further “new emails”, shown by default if “reachable by” is set to known contacts or everybody. (A tap on the indicator would open the email list (former “contact requests”).)

Agree to all described.

Older versions (around 0.9.3) had possibility to show “contact requests” as a chat in list.
That was IMHO better than now.

No alert for user is no solution. Every new user I know dismissed quite all contact requests. They don’t count with this behaviour.

And, show “all emails” really doesn’t show all emails. At least list emails are not shown. But I saw some others too.

FYI, a working configuration for using Delta.Chat as an email client: