Show message text in full screen gallery

Currently the message text is not shown when opening an image in the full screen media view (clicking on it to make it big). It would make sense to have the text there, especially when switching between images using the previous and next buttons. (telegram also displays the message text in fullscreen)

But on the other hand the text might be annoying so there should be a way to hide it.

Generally there are still a few UX questions before we can implement it, let’s discuss this here.

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I personally like how telegram implemented a full screen gallery.
The information and controls are arranged to the left and right of the image.
The message text is displayed in the bottom center and has a semi-transparent background.
Only in the case of large pictures, these things protrude into the image.
That’s not really a problem either, though, as they auto-hide after a certain amount of time.
But in my opinion, this period could be a little shorter.