Show notifications if the app is in foreground

idea from github:

we could do the same as on android:

chat view:

  • when a message for a different chat than the one opened is received, the notification should be shown, otherwise not

chat list:

  • no notifcations? maybe apart from if you’re in archived view? what is android doing here?

all other views:

  • show notifications

in my personal experience this popup notification is too intrusive and annoying/frustrating/stressful more if you receive several short messages and your screen will be often covered by that popup notification while you are trying to reply to someone in a chat, I always disable the “show notifications popup” for delta chat on android

is the sound played and the app icon shown in the status bar indicating that there is a new message? then that is more than enough IMHO

in general, iOS is not so bad in grouping notifications and in not annoying the user too much, not sure how much control one has about details as sound etc., many things are configurable by the user in the system settings. but yes, it has to be tested in practise

Telegram on iOS has custom in app notifications that have no sound and are made by the app, not handled by the system, at least during calls. they are more compact than the system notifications, maybe something like that?