Show stickers in media library

Expected behavior

Stickers are displayed in the image tab.

Actual behavior

Stickers are not displayed in the image tab.


Stickers are basically pictures.
In my opinion they should therefore also be displayed in the media library.
This would also make it easier to find a specific sticker more quickly in the chat history.

I would put them closer to emoji and thus disagree with putting them into a gallery.
Though when we have deduplication of media (blobs) we could maybe have a recent stickers tab in the sticker chooser where you could add them to your location. (kinda like global gallery for stickers, but deduplicated and in the sticker menu)

This would also make sense.
The idea behind my suggestion was that a user could use the gallery to find a specific point in the chat more quickly. For example, if the user remembers that a contact sent him a specific sticker at the time he is looking for.
Because stickers are also images, I thought it would be easiest to display them in the images tab. Otherwise an additional tab would have to be added which would take up unnecessary space. Especially if a link tab is planned.