Show that a Chat is a Groupchat

Please make it visible that a Chat is a groupchat.

Possible solution: Symbole infront of the Groupname like:


This was mentioned to me by an other (new) DC user and I like the idea.
what do you think? Could this be a thing?

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This was like this before, I do not know why it was removed, anyway I have been using delta for quite some time, and this feature I do not miss. I think it is not necessary, IMHO

I would like a “Group chat marker” too.

we had an idea to have a different shape for group avatars like a square or a square with rounded edges sometime ago.

the pr and our reasons for removing the icon:

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“it is pretty clear to the user, what is a group and what not”

Is it to you, @cracker0dks ?

We can still discuss it, its not like that decision is set into stone.

Its not per default but I just added a group emoticon to the groupnames, so now it is :slight_smile:

Funny idea :+1: