Show .TXT attachments inline as message content?

This is a feature request that might be only applicable to me. I have a friend who insists on using SMS to communicate. I use his carrier’s email-to-SMS gateway so I don’t have to be tied to a cell phone to communicate. His Verizon SMS to email gateway sends messages as TXT file attachments. I’d love for Delta Chat to show the plain text attachment as plain text instead of as an attachment. Gnome Evolution and Mozilla Thunderbird have similar features that show attachments inline for easy reading. Again, not super important at all.

these .TXT attachments may be very long, you can have whole book there. this would not only break the chat flow, but would also raise several implementation issues, so, i think, the current approach is the better one - also, as you can use eg. your favorite ebook reader to read the text.

for comparison with other mua: they usually do not show the messages in a chat view but have a dedicated “scroll window” for the message so this is less of an issue there.

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you could maybe write a bot for your usecase that acts as middleman unpacking the message text from the attachment into an message.

Oooh! That’s an idea. I’ll try to research that more. Thanks!

we created an introduction page to creating bots, it might be already a bit outdated though and its more about the classical bot use-case (having commands that trigger messages with the result of the action they invoked):

There are several bindings for various programming languages to the core: GitHub - deltachat/deltachat-core-rust: Delta Chat Rust Core library, used by Android/iOS/desktop apps and bindings

I would suggest using python as it’s quick to learn and python has the best bindings currently.

Some links for references:

If you need help feel free to ask in the Bots category of this forum.


I’ve been thinking about something similar, delta already has an html viewer. This can be used to view some attachments such as *.txt, *.html, *.eml

you touch the attachment and it opens directly in Delta

if you want you can download it and open it with another application

Or you can transform the attachment from txt, eml, into html and use the “Show full message…” :thinking:

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