SimpleBot public instances list

SimpleBot is a free/libre software, pluginable bot for Delta Chat written in Python, features depend on the installed plugins, think of it as a Lego robot. It is still a work in progress and isn’t well documented yet, but here are some instances running already:

    For SPANISH speaking public groups, mega-groups, channels; also has a “user directory” where users can share their email address and a biography (like a presentation card) to make new friends, find love, provide contact for your business, etc.

    Bridge between Delta Chat and Facebook/Messenger, allows to write to your Facebook friends from Delta Chat, using Facebook isn’t recommended, but if you are locked in that silo, using this bridge allows you to have an smooth transition to Delta Chat without losing contact with all your friends. It is recommended you run your own instance for security reasons. An (SPANISH) tutorial explaining how to use it:

    Bridge between delta Chat and Mastodon, allow you to use your Mastodon account to toot, have private chats, etc with Mastodon users right from your Delta Chat, useful when you have an slow mobile data connection, or expensive data plan, this is much more lightweight than using a Mastodon client. It is recommended you run your own instance for security reasons. An (SPANISH) tutorial explaining how to use it:

    Are you victim of Internet censorship? this bot allows to:

    • Subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds.
    • Search in DuckDuckGo (and a lot of other sites/search engines thanks to DuckDuckGo’s bangs)
    • Browse the web (receiving pages as attachments), download images, and other files (up to 10MB)
    • Translate text to/from several languages.
    • Get information about the weather of any place or the Moon phase
    • Search in Wikipedia and Wikiquote
    • See Spanish memes.
    • See XKCD comics.
    • Even you can play chess or Reversi(Othello) online with friends right from Delta Chat, etc
    Bot similar to but intended for Spanish speakers.

    Bridge between Delta Chat and XMPP. Unlike the other bridges this is a relay bot, which means you can join any public XMPP room(or private room if the owner invites the bot first) without having an XMPP account. For example to join the channel send the bot a message: /xmpp/join

:information_source: To see the list of plugins a given bot support and the commands to use them, send a message to the bot with text:

The source code can be found here:


Is it posible to start/use a bot for general DC releas informations?

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there are an RSS plugin, you can subscribe to the release page of any github project, including DC core, DC android, DC desktop, etc