SimpleBot public instances list

SimpleBot is a free/libre software, pluginable bot for Delta Chat written in Python, features depend on the installed plugins, think of it as a Lego robot. It is still a work in progress and isn’t well documented yet, but here are some instances running already:

To see the list of plugins a given bot support and the commands to use them, send a message to the bot with text:


The source code can be found here:


Is it posible to start/use a bot for general DC releas informations?

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there are an RSS plugin, you can subscribe to the release page of any github project, including DC core, DC android, DC desktop, etc


I can’t edit the post anymore, and it is outdated :frowning:

:hushed: Why?

Just send to simplebot the following commands.

For Android:


For iOS:


For Desktop:


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Are these bots open source? :heart:

Oh, they are! :heart:
Here is GitHub - simplebot-org/simplebot_mastodon: [WIP] Mastodon ↔️ DeltaChat bridge for example. Thank you, this is awesome!

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Good Adbenitz,

my person just came across something longer searched for, or let’s say aware of it.

Publicuchat bot. (just followed the suggestion to mail to the adress)

First of all my person would like to ask if it would be welcome that monks and followers would make use of it for nonucommercial and harmless purposes?

Second, since the use might stress others server, energy resources, possible not given consciously, would it be possible, is it of use, to ‘run’ such on own server?

(Note that my person has not really much knowledge of those technics at all.)

My good Adbenitez pardon possible disturbing approach here and may it not cause any burdens.

Dear @SamanaJohann that are public bots I setup to help poor Cubans to access Internet services through email which is cheaper in Cuba, you and your friends are welcome to use them and you can setup your own instances as well if you have some server/VPS or even a mini-PC where to run the bot

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Sadhu, Sadhu

Hello :wave:,
could it be that all bots are offline?
They haven’t worked for me for days.

I don’t use many bots but at least works smoothly for me

Unfortunately none works for me. :thinking:
Whenever I try another bot I get this error message:

Aborting previously unfinished QR Join process

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed.
After that, DC reports that it could not verify the bot. bots work fine.


Hello :wave:, bots haven’t worked for me for a while.
There is always a message that the bot in question could not be verified.
I’m not sure if the error is on the server side or with me. Other bots work just fine.
However, the bots also work without any problems for other users here in the forum. That speaks again to the fact that I must be doing something wrong.
Do you have any ideas what else I could try?

@Raiden hi, are you still having issues? please notice that in the “public instances list” page you can click the address to verify the bot but that is not mandatory, you can just write directly to the bot addresses, send /help to the desired bot it should reply,

btw I didn’t checked the forum in several weeks, I am mostly in email-only mode most of the time and don’t use too much the web, if you want to reach me and get faster responses from me, it is better if you join to the “Delta Chat community” super group (it is an anonymous mailing list tweaked to work as a Delta Chat super group smoothly, your email address is not exposed to the members of the group so it is safe to drop by, kinda an IRC-like channel with nicks inside Delta Chat) to join send to the bot a message with the text:


if that bot doesn’t reply to you then don’t hesitate to contact me directly writing to in that case it is probably that you are using an email server that is blocking and that is why you would not get any response from bots with address

best regards,
adb :wave:

May good adbenitez pardon possible unwelcome direct approach.

My person just tested translate bot and wonders where datas an process is made, e.g. wonders who might be the actual giver, not wishing to stress anything not really given or b8nding third parts by using the generous gift.

hi, check:

Appreciation for info, good master. As far as understanding, it’s current not really visible for a user whom to pay further credits right? So it depends on the instant provider to set certain source (and remarks of origin), right?
Which provider is currently used for the bot’s feed, provided by good Adbenitez?

I don’t remember right now if I changed it, but by default I think it uses Google Translator

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