Small bug in DC-Desktop start screen

Hello, :wave:
I would like to report a small bug.
When DC desktop 1.32 is running in German, the title “Bekannte E-Mail-Konten” is not fully displayed on the start screen.

You could make the “Alles synchronisieren” button smaller or omit the word “Bekannte” in the title.

P.S: What is actually the function of the “Alles synchronisieren” button?
If I turn it off, mobile and desktop still sync.

the wording of the sync button should be improved if you don’t understand it, it basically means whether all email accounts should be actively waiting for new messages (be connected to the server) or only the selected one.

It’s not that important. Now I know. :wink:
But maybe the information could be included in the FAQs at some point.