SOLVED: Reply to only one group member appears in group

I (named C) have a group named Group-1 with two email-only, non-“Delta Chat” members named A and B.

If I send a message to the group, and A replies to me only, then this reply erroneously goes to Group-1.

The reply should go to chat A-C.

Furthermore, if I reply to the reply within Group-1, it correctly goes to A only, but how would I place a message to both members? It appears, that the group is only member-to-member (here A-C) then.

Delta Chat 0.960.0
(I assume, that 0.971.0 shows the same behavior)

I believe its more about the inReplyTo header than the recipients where the message will appear.
But on the other hand the message is only sent to one person so from that perspective its not part of the group conversation.

Yes, that is exactly the specialty with Delta Chat: it also serves email clients.

If all participants were Delta Chat users, this problem would not occur:
either you type something in the group, then all get it, or you need to open a new chat, just with the sender.

As an email user, you have two options:

  1. reply to all
  2. reply to sender

(1) would be fine, (2) causes problems right now

Oops, sorry, my fault.

I thought I had added A and B to Group-1, but only A was present.

I made another, this time proper test, and everything works as expected.

probably you did added B to group, but A is reply corrupted the group and show only A and you in the group, since A didn’t reply to all members, seems like the reply to only you was detected as if A deleted all other members of the group? anyway I have seen this “group corruption” issues when an user reply to me only and then the reply appears in a group, and the group is corrupted (wrong member list) until other member of the group send a message (B in your case) then you see all members again (not tested in latest version)


In latest version (971) this happend a lot, even among DC users only.

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A new test with version 1.0.0 confirms my “proper” test mentioned above:

If A answers only to me, this answer appears in the group, while the group itself remains in tact (3 members).

2nd problem: If I long-press this answer and select (i) from the menu, I do not see any recipients, so I cannot tell, whether this was sent to me only, or to the group.

do you have a github account and could file a bug?