Some classic emails not showing

Delta Chat version

1.12.5 (f-Droid )

Expected behavior

  1. Set ‘show classic emails’ to All
  2. New emails received on server
  3. All emails appear in DC either as messages or chat requests

Actual behavior
1, 2 same but
3. Some emails show; some do not

Steps to reproduce the problem
As above :slight_smile:

These emails are somewhat html heavy. Could this be a reason?

Email provider:

‘watch inbox’, ‘watch sent’ and ‘watch DC folder’ are all turned on, however there are no messages in the DC folder (none of my contacts use the app… yet :smile: )

If it is an HTML mail, then it is probably affected by this bug, which was fixed recently:

The fix is only in the latest version of the core (1.46.0), but 1.12.5 is using core 1.44.0.

Thanks for linking that! Doesn’t seem to be the issue though (although I have seen this problem too). I am not seeing the chat message at all. No contact request. No messages in chat if I add the contact manually.

I added a Gmail account to test it out and see the same issue. Some email, including the notification from this forum about your reply, did not appear in Delta Chat, but does show in the inbox.

I admit I am outside the intended use case a bit here but I am curious what decides what emails get ignored or not :slight_smile:

Seems related to this