Sometimes DC does not recognize a message as a chat message


Delta Chat version

Version 0.304.0 (547) - Added on 2019-05-09

Expected behavior

All mails send from other people with DC show up on my DC chats/conversations.

Actual behavior

Some mails do not show up in my DC chats/conversations (maybe if another client receives the message earlier than DC?) and do not get automatically moved from inbox to the DC folder by DC.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to reproduce the problem. However a person I know has the problem that DC now never shows my messages to them. Should I provide debug logs?

(Also another problem: I receive read receipt mails and DC moves them from the inbox but the double check mark never shows up for me. I might add another topic for this.)



You mention “another client”. So you are using that email account with DeltaChat and with another E-Mail client, if I understand you correctly!?

Well, maybe your other email client reads that email and moves it to another folder, then you cannot blame DeltaChat for it. If this is not the reason, you may try to change in settings -> advanced the item “show classic emails” from “No, chats only” --> to “For accepted contacts”. This way your DeltaChat app will show all emails from that known sender, even if the app thinks that this email was not sent from DeltaChat but from another email client.

If this still does not work, then maybe DeltaChat is implemented to only recognized unread emails in the inbox, and if your “other email client” has marked it as “read” already, maybe DeltaChat ignores it (just speculating). If so, I think this implementation should be changed.

But anyway, another general remark: I think it is generally best practice to use DeltaChat with a dedicated email account that is only used for DeltaChat. There are plenty of free email providers around, just get yourself another email account that you use exclusively from DeltaChat. I did so, too.

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Hello Michael,

yes, I am using the same mail account with DeltaChat and Thunderbird. However Thunderbird has no filters set up and in fact I was able to find the chat-mails DeltaChat “missed” in my inbox. But not for the few seconds that DeltaChat needs until it refreshes but for a day or longer while DeltaChat was running on my phone.

The “show classic emails” option has been set to “All” from the beginning.

Thunderbird has been set up to not mark mails as “read” even when I click them since a long time ago, so that’s not the case either.

Making a new mail account kinda beats the purpose of DeltaChat or is that not one of the protrayed advantages? As a fix that might be a good idea though.

Thanks for your suggestions!


That’s interesting.

I guess to track down the problem it would be good to identify the exact condition that makes DeltaChat not recognize a received email from another DeltaChat client. Otherwise it is a bit vague.

Also, it would be good to know which email providers are involved here - maybe the sending or receiveing email server does some reformatting that makes DeltaChat not recognizing the email any more…

Just some guesses, after all I am also just a user like you are.