SSO integrations

Expected behavior

At login, there is currently only the option for the username/password of the email server. So if it’s gmail, you need to create an app password. Some providers have started to phase these out. Furthermore, many accounts are also protected by SSO. I want to use delta chat for my work email to securely communicate with work colleagues. I would love it if delta would support social and sso logins.

Actual behavior

We only have the option of a traditional username/password.

Example Images

An example app that does this well is thunderbird, canary mail, and mimestream. All of them follow the login flow for my work and private emails (work goes to okta, private has 2fa).

what email provider offers social login?

We can make providers work that use oauth2 (google and yandex oauth2 work already on the android client), but at least for google it is really annoying to deal with their bureaucracy: they want videos of why we need IMAP & SMTP and they are seemingly reviewed by robots (If they have a problem with your app, you can not really reach them, you just get autogenerated answers) :frowning:

What are the providers you want/need to be supported?

google, mainly. The rest would be sso. So if I’m able to select my email provider from a list (say, office 365), it would just send me to office 365 for an application login. At that point, the login flow would follow to okta, finish authenticating, go back to 365, and then finally back to delta.