Stable iOS Version

Just out of curiosity, do you have a idea when you can release a first iOS version.

The Android version has +100 Downloads within 5 days.
That looks good to release my Wikipedia article as soon you release the version 1.0

If there also would be a stable iOS version it would be perfect :grinning:

And the Wikipedia people have to accept this article.

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I follow the developing but I have no idea how stable the iOS version it.
What do you think when is this version stable enough for a beta version in the app store.
I also have no idea is there even a way for a beta version similar to gplay?

Thank you

There are good chances there there is going to be more development on soon :slight_smile:


Great to read :grinning:

hope so, users need the new core which at least will allow automatic configuration work for Nauta

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I see, the developement is going on fast :+1:

Do you have a idea when will the first iOS version released in the App store?

Thank you very much.

I would guess in the next 1-3 months, but don’t quote me on that one.

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Thank you. :+1:

I started using it a few days ago and it is quite usable and stanle already. Thanks for that! What would be great, is if it would be possible soon to import/export keys (or sending/getting autocrypt messages - I am still a bit clueless with these concepts, but I hope it’s clear what I mean). Atm I have desktop and iOS connected to the same account, but I can’t “sync” my encryption keys.

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Hi, I have a Big problem. I am using delta chat ok iOS for some months now via testflight. It is working perfect but know i get the message that the Beta has expired. I already deleted the App and tried to reinstall it, but I always get the message that the developer doesn‘t accept any new Beta user. What can i do to continue using delta chat on my iPhone? I Need it Quote urgent.

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right, seems we forgot to update it I’ll do it immediately.

Can’t you just download the app you need and install it without app store?

Hi. Did you say the app works in iOS. Would you consider to write an configuration example. I am trying but it doesn’t work for me :(:unamused:

I would wait a bit for the next beta version, because the current iOS deltachat beta version has many bugs and problems.
We plan on releasing the new beta version at the end of this month.
I believe the configuration bug will be fixed in the new version.

Will this release be available in the App store for everyone or will this be another test flight version?

It’s on testflight until we’re confidend that it’s stable enough for the appstore.

Sounds logical.