Stable iOS Version


Just out of curiosity, do you have a idea when you can release a first iOS version.

The Android version has +100 Downloads within 5 days.
That looks good to release my Wikipedia article as soon you release the version 1.0

If there also would be a stable iOS version it would be perfect :grinning:

And the Wikipedia people have to accept this article.

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I follow the developing but I have no idea how stable the iOS version it.
What do you think when is this version stable enough for a beta version in the app store.
I also have no idea is there even a way for a beta version similar to gplay?

Thank you


There are good chances there there is going to be more development on soon :slight_smile:


Great to read :grinning:


hope so, users need the new core which at least will allow automatic configuration work for Nauta